Product Sheets

Edose Mega

Evolve Automatic

Edose Neo and Pro

Multiport Valves

Dazzled Underwater Lights

Product Manuals

Edose Pro

MPV 0225TF - Filter

MPV 0525FF - Filter

MPV 0525TF - Filter

MPV 1240FF - Filter

MPV TM40FF - Filter


Dazzled Underwater Lights - Halogen

Edose Neo

Edose Mega

MPV 0225TF - Softener

MPV 0525FF - Softener

MPV 0525TF - Softener

MPV 1240FF - Softener

MPV TM40FF - Softener

Dazzled Underwater Lights - LED



ISO Certification

IP65 Certification for Edose

IP65 Certification for Edose Mega

IP68 Certification for Under Water Light

CE Certification

IP65 Certification for Edose Neo

IP65 Certification for EVOLVE


With its Manufacturing Plant in Pune, Initiative Engineering has a presence across India with its Sales Representatives and Distribution Partners to support you real-time and cater to your requirements. Just write to us!

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